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Solution Modules

Get the answers to your local marketing questions.

Balihoo’s cloud-based technology incorporates a full suite of solution modules, ranging from traditional tactics like direct mail to local digital tactics, including local websites, paid search, and email campaigns. Each module marries powerful technology with data, allowing national brands to scale campaigns and track results.

Local Websites

A national brand’s number one marketing tool is local websites. They are the most effective way to drive relevant leads at the local level and to make sure customers can find your product or category easily. Balihoo’s website templates are optimized for local search; helping national brands capitalize on search traffic and generate leads through online forms and trackable local phone calls. And, the local sites module allows you to update thousands of websites at once and retain brand integrity.

Local Paid Search

The closer consumers get to making a transaction, the closer to home they look. Local paid search captures the attention of local customers who are looking for your product or category. With Balihoo’s Portfolio Managed Digital Execution, or PMDE, national brands can better engage their local partners in the world of paid search. Balihoo provides a leads-focused and cost-effective local strategy for portfolio management, delivering integrated campaign reporting and more traffic to your local websites.

Local Email

Take our easy-to-use email template, add your data, and you’ve got a local marketing weapon on your hands. The best part? Local affiliates can easily launch email campaigns without risk. We provide a rules-based, centralized approach that allows your national brand to set as many – or as few – customization opportunities as needed, to ensure that CAN-SPAM compliance is met and consumers see a streamlined message. Plus triggered email campaigns capture the consumer’s attention and generate results.

Local Direct Mail

We have refined this tried-and-true medium by integrating technology with data. It’s a matter of matching up your existing CRM data with Balihoo’s own local market data. In some cases, we also tap into the demographic and psychographic information from trusted, third party providers. The result is direct mail that engages customers and drives leads through event-based mailings and triggered sends that local partners can easily manage. Or you can handle the mailings at the national level – whichever works best.

Social Media

We put the power of social media in your hands – at both the national and local level. We call it our Localized Corporate Facebook Solution. This technology allows you to augment your national presence with targeted local content. Local partners create custom status updates and schedule posts, while you retain the option to review and approve updates before they’re posted. Your customer will see national content with a local message all in one streamlined social media presence.

Ad Builder

Balihoo’s Ad Builder gives local marketers the power to create compelling advertising that ensures brand consistency and reduces cost. It is equipped with a media customizer that uses your pre-approved templates to distribute messages instantly across a wide range of media – TV, radio, print, online display, search engine advertising and more. The result is local, highly targeted ad messages and campaigns that reaches consumers and saves money in the long run.


A major challenge facing national marketers is how to more effectively distribute marketing dollars, whether engaging in co-op management, allocating funds to company owned stores or requiring franchisee spend. Balihoo can simplify the whole process. We help you save time, money and hassle with a co-op solution that allows for easy management of fund transfers between national brands, local affiliates and media outlets.