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Solution Modules

As a Balihoo client, you can add modules at any time – either from the list of currently available ones, or from the ever-expanding list of new modules that are built as the next new thing in local marketing emerges. That’s the beauty of Balihoo. You always have access to the latest technology.

Local Sites

Local websites and local landing pages are the foundation of Balihoo’s digital strategy for national brands with local partners. A local site is different than a national site – it’s generally thinner (fewer pages) and focused on converting potential customers that are further down the purchase funnel that those customers researching products on your national site. For that reason, it’s important to present a lead capture form and a local phone number prominently.

Balihoo’s local sites are optimized for local search – the greatest site in the world is useless if Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t deem it worthy of showing to people searching for relevant branded and non-branded keywords, especially if those keywords contain location modifiers!

Don’t forget the importance of making your local site mobile-friendly. Google claims that 50% of all searches on mobile devices have local intent, so you want to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward and capturing this ready-to-buy crowd. Balihoo leverages adaptive and responsive design to maintain the integrity of your local site regardless of the device on which it is viewed.

Paid Search

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are a great way to get focused traffic to your brand’s local sites. As an advertising medium, nothing is more easily measured and optimized than a PPC campaign.

Strategic planning and bidding, keyword list generation, and ad copy creation are all handled through Balihoo. We will work with your national PPC agency to ensure that we are complementing one another’s campaigns rather than blindly competing for the same keywords and therefore increasing costs unnecessarily and irresponsibly.


Balihoo’s Email Solution Module allows you to customize, schedule, and execute email campaigns with confidence. All templates are CAN-SPAM compliant, and real-time campaign results are easily accessible.The email module provides the you with the ability to execute campaigns in conjunction with or for 100s or thousands of local partners.

Email lists are made available in several ways, including API integration with your existing CRM system or leveraging the lead capture form responses from your local sites.

Direct Mail

Unlike some of the other traditional media types, targeted direct mail has stood the test of time as a highly effective way for many brands to market locally. To be honest, the direct mail tactics available today are so far advanced from the prior generation that it’s more accurate to say that direct mail has been reborn rather than having “survived.”

Event-triggered, “set-it-and-forget-it”, and hyper-targeted campaigns are all available to marketers. Balihoo technology allows brands to activate these tactics at scale on-behalf of their local partners.

Feeding the Balihoo Direct Mail Solution Module are a variety of data sources – ours, yours, and select 3rd party entities specializing in list creation based on demographic and psychographic factors. On the back end, are a variety of fulfillment vendors that have demonstrated their quality, service, and value. You are welcome to use our preferred vendors or to request that we integrate with your trusted printer.


Don’t fabricate the social experience by creating individual social pages for your local partners and automating content creation. Instead, leverage the geo-fencing features that Facebook and other social media platforms support so that local content complements the national content on your national page.

Balihoo’s Social Media Solution Module helps you engage with your national fan-base in a new way. They continue to view your national content, but it will be augmented with your brand’s locally generated content if that content is posted from the same geography in which your fan lives. You no longer need to create hundreds or thousands of local pages. And, best of all, you maintain control of the entire experience by approving local content before it posts, and owning the on-going communication with your fans through corporate management of comment response.

Ad Builder

Ad Builder allows national brands to empower their local affiliates (resellers, franchisees, and agents) to execute on highly targeted campaigns, ensuring that the message is both consistent and on-brand.

Ad Builder is a creative editor, equipped with a media customizer, that enables notifications of brand-approved templates - which are instantly distributed across various marketing vehicles, including direct mail, TV, radio, online display, print, search engine advertising, and others. The software arms the affiliates with all of the necessary tools to ensure the advertising campaign is a successful one.


Balihoo’s co-op solution provides national brands with a simple, yet sophisticated, way to successfully manage fund transfers between the national brand, its local affiliates, and media outlets. It also offers solutions for end-to-end management, consolidation of invoices and vendor management, instant reimbursement, automatic co-op claims processing, and a financial reimbursement variable by medium and/or creative. Paired with any of Balihoo’s modules, the co-op solution creates a seamless and all-inclusive local marketing automation strategy for your brand.

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