2015 Resolution for Marketers: Seamless Omni-Channel Consumer Experience

As marketers, we talk a lot about providing consumers with a consistent brand experience across every channel, but new research shows that we’re not doing a very good job of executing on that goal. With the list of touchpoints consumers interact with before making a purchase decisions constantly expanding, it’s become crucial for national brands to ensure that their digital initiatives sync up with the traditional at both the national and local level, creating a cohesive omni-channel consumer experience.




Here’s the disconnect: a global study from SDL found that 90% of consumers expect a consistent customer experience across channels. A separate survey of digital marketers found that only 27% reported that their company’s online ad campaigns are completely integrated across digital channels, and less than a quarter said their company’s digital marketing campaigns are totally integrated with all other areas, including offline tactics.


Here’s why it matters: An inconsistent experience is a surefire way to lose customers. The same global study cited above provides solid proof. 47% of shoppers reported being frustrated that in-store impressions are different from online impressions, and 40% have reported a disconnect between the information available online versus in stores. Equally important are the top two reasons consumers say they are loyal to their favorite brands: 1) consistent experience across all devices they use to interact with the brand , and 2) predictable service.


Here’s the fix: The most obvious solution is ensuring that all of the sub-departments within your organization are in sync with what each is doing (i.e. digital efforts need to match traditional, which need to match what’s happening at the store level). However, this may not be enough. Execution at the local level – where consumers end up making the buy is critical, but ensuring that your X hundreds of stores are consistent in their messaging, and how they show up online is not scaleable without an automated approach. Which is where SaaS solutions like Balihoo come in. The cloud-based technology incorporates a full suite of marketing channels, ranging from traditional tactics to local digital tactics, which enable national brands and agencies to scale campaigns to local markets and increase revenue.


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