An Invigorating Work Environment

You might be surprised by what’s inside Balihoo’s headquarters in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho. Bikes dangling from the wall, lunchtime yoga practice, and dogs curled at their owner’s feet. Balihoo embraces an open-office concept – meaning employees’ families and (well-behaved) dogs are always welcome. We empower our employees to incorporate fitness into their daily routines – which is why so many of Balihoo workers bike to the office or exercise during their lunch break. It is a welcoming, engaging workplace that energizes our employees and makes Balihoo a great place to be.

Balihoo staff collage

Balihoo's Values

Balihoo Values

Balihoo’s core values are at the heart of everything we do. They shape our culture and define our brand and business strategies.

These are the principles we live by.


Work collaboratively towards amazing results

Customer Empathy

See the world through our customer’s eyes


Drives all that we do


Prepare for and embrace change


Concentrate on the few things that matter most

Continuous Improvement

Make it great, then make it better


Do the right thing!


Be bold, imaginative, and open-minded

Join the Team

Working at Balihoo means more than furthering your career and adding to  your resumé. It means joining a team of dynamic, creative, collaborative people who work hard and play hard. It means setting big goals. Taking calculated risks. We welcome innovative thinkers who want to continually advance new technology and ideas. Is Balihoo a good fit for you? Take a look at the job opportunities we’re offering right now: