2024 Trends In Franchise Marketing: Embrace Innovation


From a franchisee perspective, marketing a business can be pretty easy. Being part of an established brand, with directives and sales materials passed down from corporate, is part of the reason people get into a franchise business in the first place. After all, while there are still decisions to be made for yourself, being a […]

Transparency In Digital Media: It’s Better For Everyone


A math problem: Your franchisees are likely paying somewhere around $300/month to an agency to manage their digital media.  Digital media is a sizable – but essential –  expense for most franchisees, who may be investing several thousand dollars per month expecting to see a positive return on their investment. So what happens to media […]

Mastering The Fundamentals Of Franchise Marketing


When a franchisee becomes part of a franchise business, they can feel a little bit like it’s going to market itself. You’re part of an established brand, after all, oftentimes one with national-level recognition. And while it’s true that takes care of some of the heavy lifting, nationally successful brands can still have individual franchisees […]

The Digital Revolution: AI’s Impact on Local Business Marketing

Artificial Intelligence

A rule of thumb when it comes to artificial intelligence: never ask an AI to do something that you don’t understand. When employed properly, artificial intelligence can be a powerful labor-saving tool in your kit — but you need to have the ability to check their work. Otherwise, the AI can get things wrong or, […]

The Importance of Hyperlocal Marketing

Hyperlocal Marketing

“How far away is it?” Whether you’re talking about a birthday party, a swanky new restaurant, or a doctor’s appointment, this is one of the first questions people always ask. Traveling takes time, gas, money — it’s an investment, and people do a quick cost/benefit analysis of everything they do based on how much of […]

“Someone Has To Make The Pizza” – Franchising Bridges The Gap


In the world of Star Trek, everything is automated – food is dispensed at the push of a button from matter replicators in the walls, piping hot and ready to eat. And it’s easy to trick ourselves into believing that we live in such a world today. Consider this: certain franchises have already experimented with their […]

Hyperlocal Marketing Can Be Big Business (Here’s How)


As the saying goes, you’ve got to meet people where they live — and here at Balihoo, we mean that pretty literally.  People often think of advertising in grand terms: a Super Bowl ad with fifteen celebrities and a million-dollar budget, or a billboard in Times Square a hundred feet wide. Breaking through to a […]

Balihoo Welcomes Brian Heppner as Vice President of Sales


NEW YORK, NY (August 30, 2023) — Balihoo – the industry leader in multi-location marketing –  announced that Brian Heppner has joined the company as their VP of Sales. Heppner has extensive sales experience, and strong relationships with franchise clients, making a perfect fit for Balihoo’s tools and services. While these tools help with local […]