Introducing BalihooTV: Reach Customers For Your Franchise Where They Watch And Wait

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No matter where your customers find themselves throughout the day, we’ve got a screen for them — and it can show them your ads.

TV has changed a lot over the past twenty years. The TV sets changed: becoming bigger, sharper, flatter, and more affordable. But the bigger — and more subtle — change came to what we were watching on the screen: whatever we want.

Long-gone are the days of rigid programming schedules, consulting a TV guide, or programming a VCR (or TiVo) to catch what you missed. Nowadays, the “cord-cutting” phenomenon has gone global, with viewers replacing the old-school experiences of broadcast and cable TV with an all-you-can-binge buffet of streaming hits on connected TVs and a multitude of apps.

With changes that big to how we watch TV, of course there’d be equally-big changes to how we advertise on them. In the past, advertisers looking to reach their audience at home meant shelling out a fortune for coveted ad spots (30 seconds in the 2024 Super Bowl costs around $7 million) hoping to catch the eye of potential customers. But modern TV advertising allows you to reach your customers all throughout the day — and for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how you can reach your customers where they watch — and wait:

Connected TV: Where They Watch

These days, TVs aren’t just TVs, they’re computer-powered, internet-connected devices that serve as portals to a wide variety of apps, streaming services, traditional broadcasts, and more. And these CTVs have ads: on the home screen, before/during/after programming, alongside content in menus and sidebars —some applications even throw an ad up on-screen every time the user pauses. These ads are 100% visible, and completely unskippable.

Streaming viewership was up 21% in 2023, continuing a multi-year trend. More and more viewers watch their TV through streaming services and connected devices. As viewers have embraced cord-cutting, switching to digital platforms for their viewing pleasure, CTV has become the go-to way to reach your audience.

In the cookieless world, CTV advertising provides something even more valuable: first-party data. Demographic targeting, device targeting, behavioral data — all of this allows you to track your conversions back to the ad that generated them, and make informed decisions about how to spend your ad dollars wisely. And without the need to cast a wide net, you can focus and target your campaigns to likely, qualified leads. That means lower costs-per-action, and savings you can pocket.

But even with the goldmine of streaming options available, those viewers have to get up and leave the house sometime… 

Digital-Out-Of-Home: Where They Wait

Luckily, the low cost of large, flat televisions has also changed physical display ads around town. Printed ads have been replaced with fresh, flashy ads on screens at your local doctor, dentist, oil-change shop, or pet groomer. You’ve likely encountered small ones when you pump your gas, or big ones on the side of the highway. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising means that everywhere they go, one of your ads can be there to greet them.

These passive audiences are killing time between tasks, and you can target them directly based on their location, the demographics of the venue, the time of day, and more, which helps ensure that you’re reaching the audiences you want, with messaging that will appeal to them. It also means you’re no longer spending extra money to get a message out to everyone, using that savings to more-surgically target your chosen customer base.

It’s a whole new world: how do you get there?

Why You Need BalihooTV

Balihoo’s direct-to-publisher partnerships ensure that you get the best price and most-effective CPMs. And with years of experience with hyperlocal advertising, our geo-targeted placements have been perfected to ensure your creatives make it to your desired audiences, markets, and locations.

QR-code calls-to-action and other customizable tracking ensures you know what’s working and why, and our dashboard and other features mean you’ll never be making decisions in the dark. Even better, you’ll have Balihoo’s expert team in your corner every step of the way.

Define your audience and deliver your ads — we can take care of the rest, and share our insights on your results. Balihoo is a full-service franchise marketing partner, and we can help you launch and manage a multi-channel marketing strategy so you have as many chances as possible to reach your audience, while reaffirming every ad they see with a boost in another medium.

With BalihooTV you get the lowest rates across all premium streaming channels both in and out-of-home. Your campaigns are locally customized, fully measured, and expertly managed.

How To Get Started:

CTV advertising is a new frontier for a lot of franchise operations, and it can seem a little daunting at first. But if you reach out today, Balihoo experts can give you a free consultation on your business needs, and figure out how to get you started on that frontier. With our transparency guarantee, your media budget will go to your media with no hidden costs or fees.

Don’t you think it’s time to see your business on-screen?

Written by
Sean Kelly, Senior Content Writer

Sean Kelly is a Senior Content Specialist, St. Louis-based engagement expert with 20 years of experience in content writing, and 8 years in adtech.

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