International Florist Network

Case Study

National Florist Case Study

The Challenge

An international florist service provider connects customers with local florists all over the world for the absolute freshest flower delivery. However, in wanting to create an effective, quantifiable digital advertising program, they faced a number of challenges:

  • Member florists were handling their own co-op advertising efforts and were unable to track campaign performance.
  • Because florists are typically not digital marketers and have limited budgets, the program would have to be affordable and simple for the business owners to use.
  • In addition, many florists had incomplete and inaccurate store information on their Google+ Local pages.


The florist service provider sought to help its members increase conversions and revenue with an efficient, measurable marketing program. Their primary objective was to transition at least 3,000 of its 11,000 North American members from a free-standing insert (FSI) program to a more effective, quantifiable digital program using paid search. And, since online means of contact are replacing phone books, the provider had to ensure their local online presence represented both the brand and the local affiliate. They also desired more control and visibility into results, specifically the ability to track campaign performance at the individual florist level and at aggregate for the entire program.

The Solution

Knowing that they must work with experts who could provide easy-to-use software, the service provider partnered with Balihoo, the premier provider of local marketing automation solutions to national brands with local marketing needs.

On behalf of the florist service provider, Balihoo launched a new, automated digital program consisting of a portfolio of 500 unique pay-per-click (PPC) accounts for member florists all over the U.S. Each account was automated through Balihoo’s software to include the florist’s individual geographic information, keywords, ad copy, landing page URL, and bid strategy.

In addition, with the goal of investing in the long-term, online visibility of each individual business, Balihoo claimed and created Google+ Local pages on behalf of the local florists, each of which contains detailed store location and contact information.

As the program got underway, the florist service provider utilized Balihoo’s Portfolio Managed Digital Execution offering to manage and optimize its accounts in a cost-effective manner. Based on aggregated performance results of all 900 PPC accounts, Balihoo was able to see what keywords were working for the high-performing accounts and apply that knowledge to the under-performing accounts. This sort of insight would not be possible if each individual florist was running their own paid search program.

The Results

mobile phones

After six months, the program generated over 25,000 total conversions and $1.3M in new revenue, attributed directly to the local marketing effort, for a substantial return on investment (ROI) of 322%. (One florist reported an ROI of 1000%.) Of these conversions, 70% came from phone orders, demonstrating that a large majority of local consumers want to transact via phone with their local businesses.

leads and unique visitors

The florist service provider continues to grow the program each month and expects it to be active for nearly 5,000 florists in three years.

Browser with hand pointer.

To date, the program contains 1,200 unique PPC accounts, with a monthly attrition rate of less than 5%.