National Insurance Brand

Case Study

The Challenge

This leading insurance brand, despite a strong national advertising presence, had become increasingly aware of the importance of hyper-local search campaigns that drive customers to their agents. Their media agency was asked to improve performance on local paid search campaigns without increasing the cost of the program.

After working with a well-known bid management platform, which required five dedicated SEM Managers to maintain 500 local agent campaigns, the agency decided to shift the brand’s local campaigns to the Balihoo software solution.


Two goals were put in place. Efficiency Goal: To automate the time-intensive tasks that go into local paid search campaigns for this insurance brand. Effectiveness Goal: To maintain and improve upon previously established KPIs such as Cost per Click (CPC).

The Solution

The agency launched Balihoo’s automated solution which creates micro-campaigns for each local agent’s market, by leveraging existing agent data. Each agent’s ad schedule was individualized to their own unique business hours, and thousands of geographically relevant keywords were added. Call-tracking numbers were put in place across all ads, including high performing call-only ads, to measure conversions.

multiple browsers


Created 40,000 Micro-relevant ads
Company and client relations.


Added/updated thousands of localized keywords
Mobile phones


Implemented local call-only ads
Localized Map.


Individualized each agent’s ad schedule based on unique business hours

The Results


  • The launch of 40,000 ads was accomplished in just one day.
  • Within 24-hours the manual tasks required to localize paid search were reduced by 90%.
  • A single SEM Manager, working half-time, is now able to manage all 500 agent accounts.


Following Balihoo’s launch, the insurance brand saw that:

  • Average click-through rate climbed 60%
  • Cost-Per-Click decreased 27%
  • Quality Score increased 20%
  • Cost-Per-Lead decreased 60%
  • Conversion rate jumped 83%
  • Total number of conversions skyrocketed 144% 


Leveraging Balihoo, this renowned insurance provider and their agency were able to quickly execute highly effective micro-relevant paid search campaigns. Not only have most management tasks been eliminated, but the brand is now experiencing unprecedented results at the local level while dramatically reducing program costs.