Hardware Manufacturer

Case Study

National Insurer Case Study

The Challenge

A product manufacturer with a well-known brand had invested significant advertising, marketing and research dollars to ensure their brand had a strong national presence. However, despite compelling national advertising and strong website SEO, they were concerned that a lack of retailer effort in localized markets was negatively impacting their broader digital marketing efforts, ultimately making it difficult for consumers to find their products. The manufacturer turned to Balihoo to implement a solution that would both improve the organic rankings of their distributor network in local, but also grab the attention of consumers with co-branded display campaigns on behalf of locations.


  • Drive foot and phone directly to local distributors.
  • Ensure their well-recognized brand was represented consistently in local search engine results.
  • Introduce a viable local-level display/paid search solution that can scale across entire dealer base.
  • Prove that a local program would be as/more effective than a national program.
  • Provide reporting at location level for dealer consumption.

The Solution

  1. Local Websites: After investigating the manufacturer’s local retailer websites, Balihoo identified that these dealer sites poorly represented the manufacturer because they did not highlight the manufacturer’s products in a way that reflected superiority over low-cost competitors and were not well-positioned in local search results. Using data provided by the manufacturer, Balihoo implemented high-quality, local websites for each reseller. Once the data was input, all of the sites were automatically generated and rolled out simultaneously.
  2. Local Paid Search: Balihoo then created and executed hyper-local PPC to drive traffic and leads to local websites for dealers who chose to participate in this program using manufacturer co-op funds.
  3. Local Display: The same data used to power dealer websites and local paid search was then leveraged to automate co-branded display ads that leveraged creative from the national campaign and drove traffic directly to dealers in the form of web and phone leads.

The Results

Website clicks

Average Click through Rate 5 TIMES higher than the brand’s national display advertising.


Cost per Click at 1/3 the industry average for Home Services.

localized search

More than 25 % of the traffic to the local dealer sites is now being driven by organic search results.

leads and unique visitors

The brand tracked over 70,000 unique visitors to dealer microsites in the first six months of program.