Quick Serve Restaurant Chain

Case Study

The Challenge

The national QSR industry is getting more competitive every day. As new restaurants open and old favorites add services to retain customers, one popular restaurant has prioritized quality, consistency, and speed in both their in-restaurant and catering offerings.

Part of that initiative is ensuring that hungry, on-the-go consumers can always discover (and rediscover) their brand.

The brand specifically wanted to use Balihoo technology to explore beyond their typical high-performing keyphrases, with a focus on traffic, not conversions.

This objective was well suited to their request that clicks come from 50% non-branded terms. While these clicks typically represent lower intent to purchase, they do garner traffic from an audience that may be engaging with the brand for the first time.


  • Cost per click of $3.00 or less
  • Click-through rate greater than 1.5%

The Solution

Balihoo leveraged best practice local search tactics to meet the client’s goals. Using the brand’s own location data, the Balihoo Paid Search platform generated complete AdWords campaigns that included elements and configurations unique to each individual query. The campaign targeting for each location was customized based on data factors such as population density. Data also drove ad schedules—the ads for each location only ran during their unique store hours and were updated in near-real-time by the Balihoo Paid Search platform.

This same Balihoo automation allowed the brand team the ability to set up campaigns quickly across an unlimited number of locations, and find optimizations to make at both the segment and location-by-location levels within a few days.

Because mobile search behavior skews toward local intent, Balihoo also applied high bid adjustments for mobile devices.

The Results

By carefully building micro-relevance into every ad impression, at scale, Balihoo was able to dramatically surpass the goals provided by the brand.

The campaign averaged $2.14 under the CPC goal, while beating the CTR goal by over 300%.



Cost per click
Website clicks


Click-through rate


For this and many other brands, Balihoo provides the only platform that can activate and transform their unique location data into an unlimited number of individual, locally relevant search campaigns. This automation allows for data-driven advertising for each and every location and achieves unprecedented results.