Digital Marketing at the Local Level – Ready, Set, Go

As consumers have become progressively more digitally connected and savvy, it has become increasingly important for national brands to not only ramp up their digital marketing efforts – but to capitalize on the opportunity that digital at the local level presents. With research showing that 56% of “on the go” searches have local intent, and that 78% of those searches end up in an offline purchase, it’s imperative that today’s competition-beating brands have deployable digital strategies that not only encompass but emphasize local efforts.

Additional research also shows that most national brands now recognize the power of local digital marketing. Skeptical? Consider the findings detailed in this Forrester Research study, which pinpoint that a whopping 91% of marketers believe that local digital marketing is critical to overall success.

Still doubtful? The same study found that the vast majority (an impressive 92%) of brands predict that localized digital marketing will play an increasingly important role year-over-year.

“Overall, consumers are shifting and becoming more digital, and so marketers are following their consumers and customers there. That’s the first big impetus,” says Tracy Stokes, Principal Analyst for Forrester, who authored the report, Digital Brand Building: Advance From Chasing Efficiencies To Creating Experiences. “The second one is more of a monetary piece and that’s efficiency. [Digital is] seen as a more efficient way to scale your marketing efforts and reach more people and, for some channels, in a more measurable way.”

With all that said, isn’t it that less than half of marketers (44%) currently report having a clearly defined local digital strategy in place. What’s the hold up? Why, if marketers clearly see the benefit of embracing digital, are so many still taking reactive or simply tactical approaches?

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