Success with Dynamic Creative Optimization

Balihoo Ad Personalization and it's Connection to ROI
About Balihoo's Solutions

When programmatic buying strategy and visual marketing work together as a pair, magical things happen.  Here are a few best practices for dynamic creative optimization:

  • Think about using the same data-rich signals that inform your campaign setup directly in your display ad.  Start with address and city of the location, then consider folding in location-level promotions, inventory levels, and hours of operation. Localized display ads see 315% higher click-through rates when compared to national display ads.
  • Use dynamic images to further customize local advertising. Use photos of local landmarks, or a photo of the actual location or manager to build relevance with local consumers.  Brands with independent distributors will often dynamically insert the local logo, to boost recognition.
  • Rely on an automation platform, like Balihoo, to create localized display ads at scale and update them daily based on daily conditions such as weather or inventory levels.

How Automation Makes Dynamic Creative Optimization Possible

When you can no longer customize and optimize display campaigns for EACH micro-audience as if it was your ONLY micro-audience, you’ve gone too long without an automation strategy.

  1. Automation is Efficient – Marketing managers save 90% of campaign setup and maintenance time when switching to automation.
  2. Automation is Real-Time: – Automation platforms such as Balihoo can pull 3rd party data from almost any source and use it to trigger campaigns, adjust targeting, and update creative.
  3. Automation is Optimized: by allowing automation to create, maintain, and end all of your campaigns across all of your locations, you’re conserving all of your time for strategy, analysis, and other high-value functions that build ROI.

Solution: Balihoo Display Advertising

For every campaign you run, Balihoo builds hundreds or thousands of customized, geo-specific versions of your professionally developed display ads. This means you receive the benefit of increased performance that a micro-relevance strategy affords, while avoiding the headache of generating individual campaigns and assets.

And, since we integrate with AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Open RTB, you know your campaigns are achieving the broadest reach, using the most precise targeting technologies in the market.

With Balihoo, successful display advertising becomes not only possible, but incredibly efficient and effective for national brands and their agencies.