How Local is Your Search Strategy? A Six-Point Checklist.

Unlike national paid search, local paid search requires an acutely local focus. In order for your brand to successfully drive prospective customers at the local level two components are crucial: geo-relevant ads and targeting (including carefully selected key phrases and keywords) and location-specific websites or landing pages.


While many brands and agencies believe they’re executing local paid search and display campaigns, most of them simply aren’t – and by failing to do so they’re inadvertently wasting marketing dollars.  Many of these “semi-local” campaigns fail because they rely on shared budgets, ignore the fact that locations span time zones, and don’t employ location-specific creative and landing pages. These under-optimized campaigns struggle to demonstrate performance at the local level.     


Use the following checklist to determine how local your search and display campaigns are:

  1. Does each of my locations have it’s own Adwords sub-account?
  2. Does each of my locations have it’s own monthly budget that paces individually?
  3. Does each of my locations have it’s own custom radius setting or list of zip codes?
  4. Does each of my locations have unique ad copy and display creative?
  5. Am I able to report across campaigns for a single location?
  6. Are my target keywords geo-personalized to include local data such as zip codes, city names, and/or products offered?


A truly local paid search or display campaign, even when launched for thousands of locations, is built to reflect how a professional Paid Digital Strategist would manage campaigns for a single location. Ultimately, approaching local paid search and display with a locally-focused mindset and activating campaigns using the appropriate automation tools, such as Balihoo Local Paid Search and Display, will deliver optimal results.