Introducing Balihoo for Agencies

Balihoo SEM Management software increases the ROI of Paid Search and Display Campaigns by dramatically improving the relevance of ads over other campaign management solutions.  This allows agencies to scale across tens of thousands of local campaigns, across clients, while simultaneously increasing efficiency and building revenue for themselves.

By moving Adwords campaigns to Balihoo from a bid management platform, agencies have shown their clients:

  • 27% Decrease in Cost-per-Click
  • 60% Decrease in Cost-per-Lead
  • 83% Increase in Conversions Rate

With Balihoo, agencies can:

  • Shave off 90% of setup and maintenance tasks required for micro-relevant campaigns
  • Launch 40,000 locally-relevant ads in a single day
  • Create personalized campaigns specific to a location at scale by integrating to almost any 1st party or 3rd party digital data source.
  • Share zip-code level results with their brands and their local partners.
  • Increase the online footprint of all their brands, driving quality leads and measurable sales results

If you’d like to explore how Balihoo can benefit your staff and clients, and receive a demo of the Balihoo Local Marketing Platform, please let us know!

Agencies - agency employees collaborating on project

Case Study

National Insurance Brand

“Balihoo launched a customized, automated local paid search and display marketing system that allowed the agency to provide their national insurance brand with a resource to create personalized campaigns specific to their local agents’ locations by leveraging the insurers’ pre-existing digital data resources.”

Prior to leveraging Balihoo, this nationally recognized insurance brand was looking for a way to streamline the time-intensive tasks that typically go into local digital marketing. The brand also knew that they needed an automation system that would ensure that their well-recognized brand was properly and consistently represented at the local level.