Key to Successful Paid Search Marketing [Infographic]

As a professional marketer looking to boost brand awareness and captivate consumer interest, you’ve likely spent hours carefully developing your national paid search marketing strategy. However, even the most meticulously designed search campaign that lacks this one seemingly simple – but overtly critical – component will fail to perform. That component: localization.

Check out this new highly visually and fact-packed infographic to learn more about the key element that is enabling today’s top national brands to leverage paid search marketing to generate conversions, boost sales, and ultimately outsell their competitors.

What You’ll Learn from this Infographic:

  • 4 key components to building an effective, geo-specific, scaleable paid search marketing strategy.
  • Why digital media spend continues to shift toward localized efforts.
  • How consumers are searching for your national brand (and your competitors) at the local level.
  • Why localization is key for optimizing your national brand’s paid search marketing strategy.

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