How to Leverage Custom Data in Dynamic Display Ads

Did you know that consumers who have been served contextually relevant ads are willing to pay more for the advertised product? They also favor the brand up to 40 percent higher after viewing a contextually relevant ad compared to other ad types.*

With the rise of data automation platforms like Balihoo, many advertisers are using display (banner ad) creative as an opportunity to inject contextually-relevant information into their ads.  This strategy, when compared against running the same ad for all audiences, typically improves KPI’s such as CTR and Conversions, because the advertiser is giving the consumer more of the information they need to make a decision in the moment.

But what types of data should you feed into your automation platform to create relevant display ad creative?  Let’s look at a few examples of the most popular strategies.

1. Location Info

Including location info such as an address and directions makes it very easy to a consumer to understand the geography of your location, relative to where they work and live.  For businesses that are based on foot-traffic, it’s crucial to provide this information pre-click, so that the viewer has the opportunity to retain information passively.


2. Partner Logos

Another popular strategy for national brands that have local outlets is to feature their partners’ logos in the ad themselves.  This strategy leverages the local name recognition that the partner has built over time, and makes it easier for the the consumer to draw context from the ad.

Through automation like Balihoo, logos can be hosted externally and be pulled in automatically based on the location of the consumer.


3. Promotional Details

Through a data feed and automation, you can populate display ads dynamically with the exact promotions being run by local partners and franchises. When placed alongside an immediate call to action such as a phone number (also pulled in via data), your display ad becomes actionable without requiring a click through.


4. Time-sensitive Data

Promotions can change quickly in some verticals, such as retail. Daily sales and while-supplies-last offers can be a great way to drum up immediate conversions, but can be difficult to execute.

By leveraging a data feed, you can adjust the current promotion, across some or all of your markets, virtually overnight with a simple change to the data.  All without touching a creative file.


5. Localized Content

Do you know the way into your audience’s heart? Is it through locally-specific loyalty, traditions, or events?  You CAN leverage local content at scale using automation and segmentation.  Consider using local landmarks, sponsorships, and sports teams to quickly grab consumers’ attentions and provide local context.


To learn more about data-driven, hyperlocal display advertising at scale, visit our Balihoo Display product page and request a demo today.

*IPG Media Lab and ZEFR, The Power of Relevance: Content, Context and Emotions, 2016