Why & How Brands are Seeing Success with Local PPC

Discover the numerous benefits local PPC provides today's leading national brands.
About Balihoo's Local PPC Functionality

As a national marketer, you know that in order for your brand to be successful, it must be positioned so that prospective customers can find it quickly, easily, and before they find your competitors.

Today, there is one surefire tactic that allows marketers to successfully do this at the local level: geo-specific paid search. No other channel surpasses local PPC in its ability to capture the attention of customers when and where they’re most likely to make a purchase – in their immediate vicinity, at the local level.

Balihoo’s Local PPC functionality allows national brands to quickly and easily connect with customers when and where it matters most. By seamlessly connecting prospective customers to a brand’s closest provider, distributor, and/or reseller, local PCC benefits both the brand and the consumer.


  • More than 2.6 billion local searches are conducted every single month. (Hubspot)
  • Searches conducted with “local intent” have increased 34-fold since 2011. (Google)
  • Searches with “local intent” convert to sales at twice the rate of non-local searches. (xAd/ Telemetrics)
  • In 2015, Google reduced the number of organic local listings displayed on desktop and mobile by 58%, thus increasing the opportunity for paid ads to be displayed.


Balihoo is Effective – Users experience click-through-rates (CTR) as high as double the industry average and average costs-per-click (CPC) as low as $0.25.

Balihoo is Efficient – Users spend 90% less time performing account setup and campaign maintenance, thereby sidestepping “administrative chores” that – when challenged with hundreds or thousands of locations – often becomes resource-prohibitive. By simply reallocating one hour of this time to campaign optimization, Balihoo users have experienced CTR increases as high as 19% in just 48- hours!

Balihoo is Local – Balihoo’s Local PPC technology provides national brands with customized, geo-specific versions of professionally developed ads and produces location-specific keyword lists for each location. Brands receive the benefit of increased performance that local strategy affords, while avoiding the headache of generating individual campaign assets one-by-one.

Learn how top national brands and leading enterprises from these industries are currently using Balihoo’s Local PPC functionality: