Mobile is Changing the Face of Marketing. Is Your Brand Prepared?

As marketers, we know that mobile is rapidly changing the way that consumers research, shop, and interact with national brands. In fact, a 2014 NinthDecimal report found that 54% of consumers reported that they “shopped on a mobile device over a laptop before making a purchase.” This is a 58% year-over-year from 2013! What’s more is that 34 percent preferred to use a smartphone over a tablet or laptop. In this week’s roundup, we’re exploring how national brands are investing in mobile to ensure that consumers are empowered to connect with brands on the device they prefer to use most.


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Lana Odintsova – Senior Managing Editor

Think with Google: 4 New Moments Every Marketer Should Know


According to this Google piece, “consumer behavior and expectations have forever changed. With powerful phones in our pockets, we do more than just check the time, text a spouse, or catch up with friends. We turn to our phones with intent and expect brands to deliver immediate answers.” The key point in the quote is that today’s consumer demands immediate answers from brands, this could mean a question/concern posted on social media, an accurate business listing for a local stores, or up-to-date inventory on a website. Check out the full article for new data.


Amanda Cash-Crowley – Demand Generation Marketing Manager

Clickz: The Realities of Cross-Device Marketing in a Mobile Driven World: Part II


This article, written as a follow-up by Rohit Kumar, unpacks the meaning of the term “cross-device” and how exactly it works. The complex thing is that there isn’t yet an industry standard for how to identify devices that belong to the same user, which is the principle that cross-device is based off of.


Regardless of the industry lag that early adopters are seeing, Kumar is able to provide three steps to a successful cross-device strategy, and they are all easy to follow, including his advice to be a pioneer and simply get experimenting. See the full article for tips on attribution and prospecting, as well.


Marcie Ellison – Marketing Manager

Mashable: Game of Phones: Will Marketers be Prepared for the Mobile Storm?


As both a marketer and a Game of Thrones fan, this article, which begins with the following quote, caught my eye: “Much like when the Starks say ‘winter is coming’ when the storm rages outside, the long season of mobile is clearly upon us.”


While national brands across industries have scrambled to reallocate their budgets to accommodate the mobile boom, innovation around mobile ad solutions remains inadequate. For national brands looking to make actionable connections with target consumers when – and where – it matters most, a competitor-beating mobile strategy is key. Applying the following four principles will help your brand to ensure you’ve got one:


  1. Leave Old Ad Methods Behind
  2. Take Advantage of Unique Mobile Capabilities
  3. Put the Consumer First
  4. Leverage New Measures of Campaign Success


Check out the full article to learn about applying these four crucial principles.