Get The Right Franchisees: 6 Franchise-Marketing Strategies

How To Find The ‘Right’ Franchisees With Marketing

Finding franchisees that are a good match to your business can be the difference between success and failure for your expanding brand. In this blog post, we explain 6 marketing strategies to catch the eye of quality franchisees. At Balihoo, we pride ourselves on being the leader in multi-location marketing, helping franchise businesses market their […]

Maximizing Your Social Media Reach: Proven Strategies For Success

Maximizing Your Social Media Reach: Proven Strategies For Success

For years, the perception of social media marketing was that it’s something “an intern” was handling, probably as an afterthought between endless hours of watching TV at their desk. The idea that social media – something that young people do for fun – was something that requires specialized skills and a lot of work was […]

The Digital Revolution: AI’s Impact on Local Business Marketing

Artificial Intelligence

A rule of thumb when it comes to artificial intelligence: never ask an AI to do something that you don’t understand. When employed properly, artificial intelligence can be a powerful labor-saving tool in your kit — but you need to have the ability to check their work. Otherwise, the AI can get things wrong or, […]

Should I Use Branded Keywords In My Search Advertising?

Should I Use Branded Keywords In Local Advertising

On the surface, this seems like a no-brainer: if a customer is searching for your brand by name, why would you need to pay for those keywords in your campaigns? The answer may surprise you. With “near me” searches on the rise year over year, local paid-search marketing is a key component of any multi-location […]

5 Reasons Your Franchise Should Advertise On CTV In 2024

Why You Should Advertise On CTV in 2024

With so many businesses making the leap to advertising on CTV, you may wonder if it’s a good fit for franchise operations. In this blog post, we explain 5 reasons why it’s a perfect fit. There are screens everywhere these days — affordable connected monitors mean that there’s streaming video hanging on your living room […]

5 Franchise Marketing Strategies To Boost ROI Across Locations

5 Franchise Marketing Strategies To Boost ROI Across Locations

Instead of talking about “exposure” and “impressions,” let’s talk about what really matters to your franchisees: marketing strategies that will boost your ROI in 2024. One key for a franchise business to succeed is a lack of waste. Strategies that increase ROI across multiple locations will always be more valuable than a solution that’s specific […]

CTV Advertising For Franchises: An Introduction

CTA Advertising

If you’ve been reluctant to get your franchise operations onto connected devices, 2024 is the year to start. We give you the lowdown on why CTV advertising is perfect for franchise businesses. Franchisors and franchisees alike know that the key to a thriving business is an effective marketing strategy — one that takes advantage of […]

How Much Do Google Ads Cost? A Quick Pricing Guide

How Much Do Google Ads Cost? A Quick Pricing Guide

When you’re first getting started with online marketing, Google is going to be one of your first stops. This is understandable, of course: in addition to being a huge component of the online-advertising landscape in general, Google is also the first place we go with questions about most things. Formerly known as “AdWords,” Google Ads […]

5 Surprising Challenges With Franchise Marketing

7 Unexpected Challenges of Franchise Marketing You Must Overcome updated

Franchise businesses are unique, pairing national-level brands with independent-minded local business owners — and this is an arrangement that brings unique challenges to the table. In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the biggest surprises, and how to tackle them. No matter what kind of business you have, there will always be marketing challenges […]

Franchise Marketing Strategies To Grow Loyalty and Revenue (In 5 Simple Steps)


New customers are great — but for real longevity in any marketplace, what you really need are regular customers, returning customers. While new customers can signal an exciting expansion to your footprint in the marketplace, you want to turn those new customers into regulars as quickly as possible. Moe’s Tavern has stayed in business for […]