The Problem with Local Paid Search



Local Paid Search is the art of building pay per click (PPC) campaigns focused on generating local conversion through retail stores, agents, or distributors, and is a popular strategy among top brands that rely on local foot and phone traffic. However, as a national brand, building and optimizing PPC campaigns for each of your individual locations as if it were your only location is often unattainable in practice, stretching your marketing team to overload, or requiring an abundant amount of paid agency time.

So, what are national brands to do? Leading brands are increasingly turning to local automation technology.

Discover why and how in this fact-packed infographic.

What You'll Learn from this Infographic

  • How and why localized paid search has grown increasingly more critical.
  • Precisely why local paid search marketing is so difficult to execute.
  • How to effectively take your national brand’s paid search efforts to the local level.