Trend Report: When Local Marketing and Digital Campaigns Intersect



Most brands recognize the importance of local marketing. Many of them also understand that localized campaigns can deliver a powerful ROI. Yet too many brands — both big and small — have yet to implement local marketing strategies on digital channels.

By adding a local spin to your current digital marketing efforts, you can appeal to clients your competition is ignoring, increase your brand recognition, reduce costs, and ultimately attract more customers to your brand.

In this report, we’ll profile three brands that are getting it right – and seeing tangible results. We’ll also cover top strategies for improving your local-digital presence, and how real brands are increasing efficiency of local marketing efforts ten-fold.

What You'll Learn from this Ebook

  • Why local marketing is always more relevant to the consumer.
  • How to use software to increase AdWords Quality Scores and lower costs.
  • How to launch 10,000 local campaigns in minutes.