Display & Social Advertising

How is Balihoo Different?

Most display advertising platforms execute creative versions across customer segments in a one-to-many manner. Instead, Balihoo technology creates and launches a nearly unlimited number of creative variations, each message being tailored dynamically to the exact user, at the exact location, at that exact moment in time.

Automatically layering targeting and message elements to create hundreds or thousands of variants in this way results in a high level of micro-relevancy within ads, improving results.


Incredible Inventory and Reach

Balihoo connects to the largest networks, ensuring that precision targeting is met with robust audiences. Google Display Network offers unmatched inventory, dwarfing all other ad networks. GDN advertisers reach 90% of all internet users worldwide with precise geographical targeting, making it the perfect solution for localization of message.
The Facebook Ad Network offers an incredible 89% reach accuracy, reaching 91% of millennials and 72% of adults internet users each month in the US. Instagram add additional audience reach and data.

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The Solution to Hyperlocal Message Testing

To build hyper-localized messaging that converts, you first have to understand which products and messages resonate best with each audience. Balihoo helps brands optimize messaging at the zip-code level by testing variants at scale, providing brands with insight into their best performing cities and neighborhoods in each segment.

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Report and Optimize Across Networks

Omni-channel marketing campaigns utilize a variety of channels, and success means being able to see the big picture at a glance and make changes quickly. Balihoo incorporates additional programmatic channels into strategy, optimization, and reporting, including but not limited to:

  • Clearstream Video Advertising
  • Google AdWords Search
  • Bing Advertising
  • Open Real-Time Header Bidding
  • Pinterest

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