Reach, Precision, and Local Relevance.

With hundreds of thousands of targeting combinations, and 89 percent reach accuracy for narrowly targeted campaigns,* Facebook provides an unmatched ability to unite consumers with the brands they are most likely to shop. Balihoo builds on this foundation by layering message and geographical relevance across all your brands, locations, and placements, allowing you to scale like never before.

Balihoo Facebook Ads makes execution seamless by automating the administrative tasks of Facebook advertising (setup, versioning, maintenance, budget pacing, data updates, etc.) so that you can focus on optimization. Through automation, Balihoo applies contextual and geographical relevance on the micro level, across hundreds or thousands of unique campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Audience Network.

With Balihoo, you can reach consumers on a personal level while appealing to their local preference, whether you have ten locations or ten thousand.


*Compared to the average online reach of 38%, Nielson OCR, August 2013