Transform your AdWords campaigns into ROI heroes using your own data.

Balihoo Paid Search increases the ROI of your campaigns by dramatically improving the relevance of your ads over other solutions. By layering geographic, message, and daypart relevance, Balihoo users have seen up to an 83% increase in Conversions and a 60% decrease in Cost-Per-Lead.

Using your own location data, our SEM platform generates complete AdWords campaigns that include elements and configurations unique to each individual query.

Users spend 90% less time performing account setup and campaign maintenance, thereby sidestepping “administrative chores” that – when challenged with hundreds or thousands of locations – often becomes resource-prohibitive. By simply reallocating one hour of this time to campaign optimization, Balihoo users have experienced CTR increases as high as 19% in just 48- hours!

No other platform can activate your unique location data to produce an unlimited number of individual, micro-relevant campaigns.


A smarter, location-specific SEM platform built for national brands.

Click-through-rate (CTR) vs. cost-per-click (CPC) across Balihoo customers that agreed to provide KPI metrics from previous digital campaign management platform. After a short burn-in period, Quality Scores (QS) rebuild, CTR increases and CPC decreases.