Sorry Mobile, Digital, and Social…2015 is All About the Consumer

Knowing that we’re a week in to 2015, this Friday’s roundup is less centered around predictions for the year, and more backed by data that this is, in fact, the year of the consumer. Of course mobile, digital, and social will play a big role in marketing, but all will feed into the greater focus – ensuring that your current customers are happy with your brand, and attracting new customers that are searching for your product or service. Below is a recap of the informative articles we compiled from around the web.


Marcie Ellison – Marketing Manager

MarketingProfs: Why Personalized Marketing Will Dominate in 2015


As receiving customized, direct, and tailored marketing messages becomes increasingly important to consumers, national brands will need to adapt their digital strategies – particularly their LOCAL digital strategies – to remain competitive in 2015. This MarketingProf’s infographic does a great job of emphasizing just how important personalized marketing will be throughout the new year. The article which accompanies the infographic (here) digs into how crucial it is to truly focus on your target consumer and outlines how “getting to know them” will enable brands to create customized, consumer-specific experiences. If there is one thing that we all know – consumers are inherently local – therefore, it only makes sense to determine how your target consumers can “get to know” your brand’s local outlets, providers, distributors, and locations. We will undoubtedly see great strides in the personalization arena this year – a win for consumers and for the brands that make those advancements.



YoConsumer Graphic



Lana Odintsova – Managing Editor

SearchEngineWatch: Move Over Mobile, 2015 is the Year of the Consumer


This article hits the nail right on the head. The author prefaces by noting that by declaring 2015 the year of the consumer “doesn’t mean that multi-device marketing is not going to be important in the coming year. Mobile devices will continue to permeate our lives and shape consumer behavior.” However, brands that want to stand above the competition must adapt customer-centric mobile best practices (see the full article to learn more). Today’s consumers are device-savvy and have high expectations for brands to deliver seamless, high-value experience across every screen.


Amanda Cash-Crowley – Demand Generation Marketing Manager

VentureBeat: Let’s Raise a Glass to 2015, the Year of Hyper-Relevant Marketing Tech


Marketing technology can accomplish some beautiful things – scalability, cost savings, speed, reach, etc. Smart brands are already using technology to reach mass audiences, but how many brands are using technology to get hyper-relevant? In other words, as a national brand, are you thinking about your messages and how they can be tailored to not only reach the right consumer with the right message (pretty easy), but also at the right moment in the right context (not as easy)?


This article covers a range of marketing technologies that take contextual relevancy to a new high, feeding consumers’ desire for customized messages from brands. Not surprisingly, many of these tactics, such as email, will move towards taking the national message and localizing it in a real-time manner – a strategy only capable with powerful local marketing automation.

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