The Four Keys that Unlock Display Campaign Success

Digital display advertising is big business – just ask Google and Facebook, whose advertising products are quickly becoming table stakes for advertisers small and large.  Leading advertisers have been shifting traditional budgets to digital display for over a decade, and the move doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

So, why are digital display ads so effective?  Primarily, it’s the targeting. There is simply no other visual medium that comes close to the hyper-targeting capabilities offered by the large display advertising networks (think: Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). It’s this incredible behavior and interest targeting that allows brands to personalize their ads for each audience, which inherently improves results.

Secondarily, the reach of the “walled garden” networks is astounding – GDN advertisers reach 90% of all internet users worldwide, and the Facebook Ad Network reaches 91% of millennials and 72% of adult internet users each month in the US.

Here at Balihoo, we launch about 12,000 digital campaigns a month.  We’ve decided to gather up our very best advice for getting the most out of digital display advertising in 2017/2018.

Key Concept #1: Layer Targeting for Increased Relevancy

  1. Demographics – use age, gender, and parental status if applicable to your best customer segments.
  2. Market – Use zip-code level data to find the micro-markets that convert, regardless of if you have brick and mortar locations. Analyze frequently and adjust.
  3. Remarketing – Many networks offer the ability to advertise to previous visitors to your site – always utilize this feature! Combine remarketing with location targeting for incredible results.
  4. Daypart – Only run ads for all locations at the same time IF they all exist in the same time zone. Using a sub-account for each location is the best way to manage campaigns across multiple time zones. Also, spend time optimizing towards peak hours and open hours for each location.
  5. Interests and Keywords – The availability of detailed audience segments in networks such as Facebook and GDN are astounding. These are compiled using search and browsing behavior, alongside audience attributes and affinities. Use these!

Key Concept #2: Dynamic Creative Improves Results

When programmatic buying strategy and visual marketing work together as a pair, magical things happen.

  • Think about using the same data-rich signals that inform your campaign setup directly in your display ad.  Start with address and city of the location, then consider folding in location-level promotions, inventory levels, and hours of operation. Localized display ads see 315% higher click-through rates when compared to national display ads.3
  • Use dynamic images to further customize local advertising. Use photos of local landmarks, or a photo of the actual location or manager to build relevance with local consumers.  Brands with independent distributors will often dynamically insert the local logo, to boost recognition.
  • Rely on an automation platform, like Balihoo, to create localized display ads at scale and update them daily based on daily conditions such as weather or inventory levels.

Key Concept #3: Build Your Audience, Retarget, Repeat

Retargeting (Def): When online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions, specifically, visiting an advertiser’s website. Every time a new visitor comes to your site they are in essence “remembered”.  Later, when that visitor is browsing the web, your retargeting provider knows to serve your ads to the visitor.

Retargeting works well because your ads are shown only to people who have shown interest in your products in the recent past. Retargeting ads can also be highly customized based on what you know about that user – which products they viewed, for example. This unique insight makes retargeting programs very powerful, and an important part of a healthy strategy.

Don’t have a retargeting list? Build one!

 It can take as little as 4 weeks to build a strong, qualified retargeting list that can be used for keeping interested consumers coming back to your website for consideration. This list can also be used to find “lookalike” audiences in many popular ad platforms.

Step 1: Get retargeting codes (aka pixels) in place on your website. You may want to use pixels from more than one ad network, such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Step 2: Design localized, dynamic ads for each market with a call to action such as “Learn More!”, encouraging click-through.

Step 3: Carefully select your display campaign audience using principles of hypertargeting and location-based advertising.

Step 4: Launch, and begin building your list!  It won’t take long until your list of purchase-ready consumers is ready to retarget.

Key Concept #4: Why Automation Makes All of This Possible

When you can no longer customize and optimize display campaigns for EACH micro-audience as if it was your ONLY micro-audience, you’ve gone too long without an automation strategy.

  1. Automation is Efficient – Marketing managers save 90% of campaign setup and maintenance time when switching to automation.
  2. Automation is Real-Time: – Automation platforms such as Balihoo can pull 3rd party data from almost any source and use it to trigger campaigns, adjust targeting, and update creative.
  3. Automation is Optimized: by allowing automation to create, maintain, and end all of your campaigns across all of your locations, you’re conserving all of your time for strategy, analysis, and other high-value functions that build ROI.

Solution: Balihoo Display Advertising

For every campaign you run, Balihoo builds hundreds or thousands of customized, geo-specific versions of your professionally developed display ads. This means you receive the benefit of increased performance that a micro-relevance strategy affords, while avoiding the headache of generating individual campaigns and assets.

And, since we integrate with AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Open RTB, you know your campaigns are achieving the broadest reach, using the most precise targeting technologies in the market.

With Balihoo, successful display advertising becomes not only possible, but incredibly efficient and effective for national brands and their agencies.