Top Concern (and Opportunity) for National Brand Marketers

Anyone who has ever traveled to another region of the country, knows that while most Americans share the same common language, expressions and linguistic quirks vary across regions.

For example – Soda vs. Pop, Sneakers vs. Tennis Shoes, Hoagie vs. Hero, Jimmies vs. Chocolate Sprinkles, Dust Bunny vs. House Moss, etc.

This basic truth it just one of many examples that reflects why national brand marketers across the country have begun to recognize the need to effectively and efficiently geo-modify their national messaging and overall marketing strategy .

Expert, Scott Yancey (CEO and co-Founder of Cloudwork) outlined his thoughts on why national brands need locally-specific marketing content saying “a localized experience must also include localized content to ensure your messaging is not only in the consumer’s native language (translated), but also takes into account cultural references, local jargon, and images that are relatable to them.”

Scaling national marketing efforts and messaging down to the local level enables national brands to deliver consistent, personalized, and targeted messages that truly resonate with target consumers. Pretty straight forward. Makes sense, right?

But – how can a brand develop a maintainable, continuous marketing strategy that effectively incorporates local-specific terms, jargon, and mannerisms? Can it even be done without dedicating hours upon hours and numerous resources? While creating a single piece of solid content at the brand level is one thing – building a truly scalable content generating machine that consistently and effectively generates quality, deeply branded – BUT also locally relevant  – marketing messaging is quite another.

Or is it?

Balihoo’s Local Marketing Cloud has redefined how national brands and agencies execute and scale data-driven marketing campaigns. Leveraging brand supplied data, top brands across the country are now quickly and easily activating national-grade campaigns that are locally relevant and effective.

Check out any of (of many) case studies here to find out how leading brands like LiftMaster and SnapFitness are leveraging this innovative technology to effectively market at the local level.

To learn more about how local marketing automation can enable your brand to reach consumers with the right message, at the most vital time, check out this info-backed ebook, The National Marketer’s Guide to Local Marketing. And then schedule a risk-free demo, to see how the Balihoo Local Marketing Cloud can help your brand create real-time, customized, and targeted campaigns across mediums, locations, and channel partners.