What is Micro Relevance?

Balihoo breaks down the elements of excellent campaigns in today’s paid search landscape.

Brands and agencies with trained SEM staff routinely leverage basic and advanced strategies for ad relevance and apply them across a wide swath of markets and products. While working in broad strokes has been somewhat scalable, it has also led to substantial ad waste, generic consumer messages, and underperformance.


Digital advertisers are now discovering their unfair advantage.

Introducing Micro Relevance.

Micro Relevance

Sophisticated search marketers rely on basic and advanced strategies for applying relevance to digital ads. By activating additional data points such as local time, the availability of inventory, and the characteristics of each location, micro relevance provides ROI advantages to marketers.


Micro relevance increases the ROI of your paid search campaigns by decreasing cost-per-lead and increasing conversions.

Consider this: Cost per click (CPC) increases a whopping 400% when your AdWords Quality Score is “Poor,” and that’s only in comparison to “Average.” This increasingly high cost of low Quality Scores has driven search marketing professionals away from standard mass-management of campaigns and toward those processes and tools that provide a more relevant search experience to consumers.


microrelevance_explainedWhen layering geographic, message, and daypart relevance, brands create niche paid search campaigns that adjust based on the day’s conditions. Micro relevance then becomes scalable by using Balihoo to apply first-party data to AdWords, thus dynamically generating complete campaigns that include elements and configurations unique to each individual search query, in each individual micro-market.


When applying Micro Relevance at scale, Balihoo users have seen up to an 83% increase in Conversions and a 60% decrease in Cost-Per-Lead.Bhoo_FirstDeck_04_ResultsChart

Click-through-rate (CTR) vs. cost-per-click (CPC) across Balihoo customers who have used Micro Relevance and agreed to provide KPI metrics from previous digital campaign management strategies. After a short burn-in period, Quality Scores (QS) rebuild, CTR increases, and CPC decreases.


Who is using Micro Relevance?

Organizations that needs to differentiate their campaigns locally, particularly:

  • Digital Media Agencies
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Durable Goods Manufacturers
  • Franchises
  • Service Companies


About Balihoo

Balihoo’s software solutions increase the ROI of digital marketing for national brands and their agencies. By dramatically improving the relevance of paid search and display ads, Balihoo has proven their ability to increase click-through-rates and decrease average cost-per-click while simultaneously saving you manual tasks and setup time. The result is the most efficient and effective way to deploy your digital campaigns.