A Search Solution that's Decisively Local.

The only platform purpose-built to employ your own location data for hyper-local, dynamic search and display.

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Local paid search without batch uploads

Local Paid Search without Batch Uploads

Trigger hyper-local campaigns for each of your locations effectively, without tedious campaign creation, manual budgeting, or cumbersome keyword spreadsheets.

Use dynamic creative to localize display

Use Dynamic Creative to Localize Display

Leverage the power of your own location data to attract consumers. Harness powerful display networks and launch branded visual campaigns for each of your locations, automatically.

Prove ROI with partner level metrics

Prove ROI with Partner-Level Metrics

Track your results on the micro level – down to the zip code. Then use a simple API to share with your locations, control their customization levels, and allow for opt-in of local campaigns.

The Balihoo software solution allows national brands like Aflac, Kohler, and Wendy’s to create real-time, customized, and targeted campaigns across locations and channel partners using the latest local marketing automation technology.

Use data from almost any source to target consumers and directly influence foot and phone traffic. Leverage platform-wide reporting with campaign metrics down to zip code level, to prove ROI and engage local partners.

Learn more about how national brands are successfully leveraging the power of local PPC.