Brand Nationally. Market Locally.

Create real-time, customized, and targeted campaigns across mediums and channel partners.

Balihoo Local Marketing Cloud
Compete online.

Compete Online

Improve your brand’s online footprint, compete with rivals on search engines, and capture more quality leads with Balihoo Local Websites and Local Search Solutions.

Attract new customers.

Attract New Customers

Get in front of the consumers that are most likely to buy your product or service and drive steady traffic to your local partners with Solutions such as Balihoo Local Display and Local Direct Mail.

ROI with metrics.

Prove ROI with Metrics

Track your marketing results on the micro level – down to each location or zip code. Use Balihoo Local Partner Connect to share these results, collect funds, and customize input from local partners.

The Balihoo Local Marketing Cloud allows national brands like Aflac, Kohler, and Wendy’s to create real-time, customized, and targeted campaigns across mediums, locations, and channel partners.

Use data from almost any source to target consumers and directly influence foot and phone traffic. Leverage system-wide reporting at with campaign metrics down to zip code level, to prove ROI and engage local partners.