Goodbye Ad Waste, Hello Data-Based.

Use Micro Relevance to boost performance across all the high-reach networks.

Dramatically Improve  KPIs with Micro Relevance

When layering geographic, message, and daypart relevance, Balihoo brands are creating niche digital campaigns that adjust based on that day’s conditions. Balihoo technology makes Micro Relevance scalable by using 1st party data to dynamically generate complete campaigns, including elements and configurations unique to each individual target, in each individual micro-market.

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How Does Balihoo Work?

Balihoo technology activates your data to create hundreds or thousands of completely unique and highly relevant campaigns. The data ingested each day by the Balihoo platform informs and drives all aspects of every campaign and every ad, across multiple channels.

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Dynamic Creative

Launch Truly Dynamic Creative

Using data, create nearly unlimited variants that provide personalized ad experiences to your audience.

Optimize Across Channels

Test and Optimize Across Channels

Using full-picture reporting, optimize spend across audiences and channels such as Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook.

Incredible Reach

Unmatched Inventory, Incredible Reach

Using the largest networks ensures precision targeting is met with robust audiences.


For many Balihoo brands, the most important targeting dimension is LOCATION.

Lucky for them, Balihoo is the authority on local-digital advertising at scale. No other platform can transform your unique location data into an unlimited number of individual, micro-relevant paid search, social and display campaigns using dynamic creative optimization. Leverage platform-wide reporting with campaign metrics down to zip code level, to prove ROI.

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