Multi-Location Marketing

Precision Meets Scale With Hyperlocal Targeting

Tailored, hyperlocal ads deliver winning results for every location

Optimize each location’s franchise marketing with localized ad copy, budgets, and targeting

Stay ahead with real-time reporting on your local media and individual locations

Doug Zarkin

"As the marketing leader at Pearle Vision, for over a decade, I've witnessed our brand and franchisees excel through our partnership with Balihoo. Their campaigns consistently fueled substantial local success, all while receiving the utmost in client service. Balihoo wasn't just a vendor; they were an integral part of our strategic journey."

Doug Zarkin, former CMO of Pearle Vision and author of
“Moving Your Brand Out of the Friend Zone"

Effortlessly Remove Manual Work From Your Local Media Campaigns

Experience seamless collaboration between brand marketers and local franchisees and affiliates, while running franchise marketing campaigns the heavy-hitters would be proud of. Remove redundancies from your pipeline while managing location-level opt-in campaigns, managed budgets, and reporting, while tapping into Balihoo’s expert team for full-service, hyperlocal campaign management. Want self-service? Balihoo’s leading-edge suite of tools allows you to manage your multi-location marketing campaigns at scale.

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Drove 9:1 ROAS With $2MM Incremental In-Store Sales For Kitchen & Bath Client

One Team

One Platform

One Partner


for scaling local media success


Let’s Conquer Local Media Complexity Together.

Transform your brand message into hundreds or even thousands of high-performing, locally tailored digital ads at the push of a button. Managed centrally through our Balihoo platform, our team of digital media experts provides flexible, private-labeled managed service support for paid search and social campaigns.

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Reduces Cost-Per-Reservation By 40% For Pet Boarding Client

Transition From Scattered To Streamlined

With Balihoo, you can trust our dedicated team to consolidate your marketing efforts into one powerful strategy. Experience the convenience of a unified platform that simplifies your marketing campaigns, enhancing your decision-making process.

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Improves Cost Per Booking By 60% For Healthcare Advertiser

4 in 5 consumers favor ads tailored to their city, zip, or immediate surroundings, highlighting the significance of local advertising.

Rising ‘Near Me’ Searches

‘Near Me’ mobile searches on Google have skyrocketed by 500% over the past three years, emphasizing the growing demand for locally relevant content.

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