Decrease Digital CPL by up to 60%

Launch 10,000 micro-relevant campaigns in minutes, then watch your ROI soar.

Dramatically Improve  KPIs with Micro Relevance

When layering geographic, message, and daypart relevance, Balihoo brands are creating niche paid search campaigns that adjust based on that day’s conditions. Balihoo makes Micro Relevance scalable by using 1st party data to dynamically generate  complete campaigns, including elements and configurations unique to each individual target in each individual micro-market.

Basic to Micro Relevance chart

How Does Balihoo Work?

Balihoo activates your data to create hundreds or thousands of completely unique and highly relevant campaigns. The data ingested each day by the Balihoo platform informs and drives all aspects of every campaign.

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Local paid search without batch uploads

Dramatically Improve KPIs with Micro Relevance

Using precision targeting and personalized ad experiences, engage consumers at the local level without cumbersome spreadsheet uploads.

Use dynamic creative to localize display

Remove 90% of Manual Tasks in One Day

Launch tens of thousands of campaigns in moments, not weeks, using your own data to power dynamic ad creative and geotargeting.

Prove ROI with partner level metrics

Make National Advertising Dollars Work Harder

Increase Adwords Quality Scores by up to 35% by super-charging relevancy of your ads. Transform your bottom line with more leads at a lower cost.


No other platform can transform your unique location data into an unlimited number of individual, micro-relevant paid search and display campaigns.

Use data from almost any source to target consumers, personalize ads, and trigger new campaigns. Leverage platform-wide reporting with campaign metrics down to zip code level, to prove ROI.

Learn more about how national brands are successfully leveraging the power of local PPC.